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CIS returns

Are you due a CIS tax refund but haven’t claimed it yet? Too busy to do all that paperwork?

We love getting refunds for people and deal with a whole host of CIS sub-contractors. Our CIS contractors include carpenters, electricians, fitters, general builders, labourers, painters and decorators, plasterers, plumbers, scaffolders, and tilers in Brighton and Hove, East and West Sussex. We can take the hassle out of the process as we frequently deal with people in the construction industry and we know which expenses and allowances can be claimed for.

Our service is friendly, fast and cost-effective
We will calculate whether you have a refund due, explain where you stand and submit your return online. We will make sure that any rebate due comes back to your appointed bank account as fast as possible. If there is any tax due we will let you know how much, when and how it should be paid.

If you are a sub-contractor and wish to register on the Construction Industry Scheme please give us a call for assistance.


The new scheme has resulted in both a considerable amount of extra administration work, along with the extra exposure to severe penalties for non compliance, this includes a £100 fine per month that you are late. If you use subcontractors and need help with the compliance now required we can assist you with the following:

Sub-contractor verification
Calculation of deductions
Preparation of payment statements
Preparation and submission of monthly returns.
Contact us today on 01273 735344 or email